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View Kantara's Fall 2019 collection of Moroccan Rugs

The newest collection of Moroccan rugs is in stock at Kantara's Los Angeles showroom.

Browse the latest rugs, which includes a wide selection of Moroccan runners, small pile rugs, and large area rugs. All rugs are handwoven and most are made from wool. For pricing and to set up a visit to Kantara's Silver Lake showroom, reach out!

Browse Moroccan rugs in Kantara's collection as of November 2019 or click here to download the catalog.


The newest Moroccan rugs in Los Angeles

I just got back from a month in Morocco in June. I was mostly there to set up my new Morocco travel business, a Kantara offshoot that will be aptly called, Kantara Tours. More on this later.

No trip to Morocco is complete without picking up rugs, or 300 lbs worth of rugs! With a full docket of summer travel, the rugs almost beat me back to Los Angeles.

It took me a few days to get through all three rolls of rugs, but here they are, in all their beauty. Needless to say I've finally gotten to them -- they're all unpacked, shaken out, and ready to rumble.

The rugs aren't live online yet, but in the meantime, here's a sneak preview...






How to Custom Order Moroccan Rugs with Kantara's Artisans

The Style Guide is a resource for clients and interior designers looking for Moroccan rug inspiration for residential and commercial interiors. This catalog showcases rugs from different tribal regions (Bein Ourain, Azilal, Ait Ouaouzguite, Glaoui), and rugs made from different materials and different weave structures (flat weave, high pile, low pile, or mixed).

Click here
 to view the whole guide.

rug with style guide

We encourage clients to weigh in on the following rug specifications:

COLOR: How bright and vibrant do you want the colors? Most rugs in Morocco, including vintage rugs, were made with synthetically dyed wool or wool bought in the local souk (market). We can make rugs with vegetable dyes or natural dyes and the rugs will have an earthy, muted tone. We can also color match allowing you to choose from a full spectrum of colors.

LEAD TIME: Once the design is finalized it will take the women 6-10 weeks to weave the rugs, depending on size of the order, size of the rug, and complexity.

SIZE: Rug size is determined by loom size, which is informed by the size of the largest wall in the weaver's home or the weaving cooperative. Kantara partners with artisans that can weave up to 15 feet in width and to unlimited lengths. 

PRICING: per square foot. Reach out for a consult and quote.

BENI QURAIn style rug


Hanging Rugs

There are countless ways to hang the rugs. 

After custom-ordering the Zemmour-style rug from Ait Hamza for herself, this customer sent her rug to be framed so that it would be displayed in her living room as a work of art.

There are other ways to display them, like this Ecuadorian textile below.

Rug styles - Boujaad

The following are pictures of popular rug styles from Boujaad. They are all very similar in that they are flat-woven kilims replete with embroidered designs. Most of these have a 100% wool weft, however there are a few kilims in which rayon is used to accent the colors.

Boujaad Kilim by Naima • Wool and Rayon Weft • 4.7" x 7.9"


Boujaad Kilim by Amina • 100% Wool Warp • 5" x 7.3"


Boujaad Kilim by Amina • 100% Wool Weft • 3.1" x 5"


Boujaad Kilim by Amina • Wool and Rayon Weft • 5" x 7.3"