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How to Custom Order Moroccan Rugs with Kantara's Artisans

The Style Guide is a resource for clients and interior designers looking for Moroccan rug inspiration for residential and commercial interiors. This catalog showcases rugs from different tribal regions (Bein Ourain, Azilal, Ait Ouaouzguite, Glaoui), and rugs made from different materials and different weave structures (flat weave, high pile, low pile, or mixed).

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We encourage clients to weigh in on the following rug specifications:

COLOR: How bright and vibrant do you want the colors? Most rugs in Morocco, including vintage rugs, were made with synthetically dyed wool or wool bought in the local souk (market). We can make rugs with vegetable dyes or natural dyes and the rugs will have an earthy, muted tone. We can also color match allowing you to choose from a full spectrum of colors.

LEAD TIME: Once the design is finalized it will take the women 6-10 weeks to weave the rugs, depending on size of the order, size of the rug, and complexity.

SIZE: Rug size is determined by loom size, which is informed by the size of the largest wall in the weaver's home or the weaving cooperative. Kantara partners with artisans that can weave up to 15 feet in width and to unlimited lengths. 

PRICING: per square foot. Reach out for a consult and quote.

BENI QURAIn style rug


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Film by Alia Kate


The art of weaving in Morocco is one that is championed by women living in the mostly rural areas of Morocco's Middle and High Atlas region. This short documentary tone poem, compiled on a recent buying trip to Morocco, chronicles the process of weaving from start to finish, highlighting artisan groups that Kantara has worked with for many years.

Design Kantara Contest

At our Apartment Therapy talk last night we launched our Design Kantara contest which is easy and fun -- we invite you to color in these Moroccan pillow designs, post to Instagram using the hashtag #DesignKantara and @ us (@MoroccanRugs)

-- And then -- we'll choose one winner per design, have our ladies weave the pillows, and the lucky winners will get their own pillows by the end of the summer!