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If you like what you see, but haven't found it in the size or color that you want, we encourage you to custom order your Moroccan rug.

We have a long history of working with Moroccan weaving cooperatives to produce the most stunning Beni Ouarains, Azilal rugs, Moroccan flatweave kilims, Boucherouite rag rugs, and more.

Bohemian living room featuring colorful Moroccan rug


  • LEAD TIME: 6-10 weeks
  • MAX. WIDTH: 15 feet
  • MAX LENGTH: Any length
  • PRICING: $35 - $65/sq. foot
  • INTERIORS: Residential & Commercial*
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* For commercial interiors, we've got you covered with rugs that are up to ADA code and appropriately flame treated.

Weaving techniques of different tribal regions of Morocco


Beni Ouarains and Boucherouites are top of mind when we think of Moroccan rugs, yet they represent just a small sliver of the available styles of Moroccan rugs. 

In fact, every tribal region in Morocco has its own unique weaving style. Some artisans replicate traditional designs as they carry on their legacy while others engage in woven conversations, responding to trends in the modern interior design world, inspired by consumer demand, and driven by their own artistic vision.

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With our network of highly-skilled Moroccan artisans, we are able to recreate your dream rug, turning designs into reality.

This process can be as simple as you sending us a reference image where we adjust the design to fit your specific size requirements. Or it can be a more involved process, where you take the lead deciding on certain specifications such as Moroccan rug design, color, and pile height.


Abstract / Geometric / Beni Ouarain / Azilal

Modern interior living area featuring flatweave Moroccan rug with colorful designs

Depending on the tribal region that the rugs come from, Moroccan rugs may be wildly abstract, or tight and geometric.

These may be Moroccan diamond rugs, have patterns that tessellate throughout the rug, or feature one-off designs. The abundance of rug styles reflects the diversity of Moroccan tribal traditions and speaks to a long legacy of weaving throughout the country.

Browse through our gallery of Moroccan rugs below to get inspired.

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Natural sheeps' wool / Vegetable dyed

Wool used by Moroccan carpet weavers

Most Moroccan rugs are made with synthetic dyes. That being said, there are a select few Moroccan weaving cooperatives that have maintained the age-old tradition of using natural and vegetable dyes. We work with one cooperative that specializes in vegetable dyes such as turmeric, onion skins, madder root, and so on.

Other options for your rugs include using all-natural undyed white and black sheep's wool. 

View color options for custom rugs


High pile / Low pile / Flatweave Kilim

White textured rug

Rug pile refers to the thickness of the rug from the surface to the backing. Hand-knotted Moroccan rugs may be either high pile, resulting in a fluffier shag rug, or low pile where the wool is trimmed after weaving.

Alternatively, in Morocco, there are many artisans that specialize in weaving flatweave kilims, allowing rugs to lie completely flat. In some cases, there are also mixed rugs that feature both flatweave sections alongside pile sections.

View rugs with different pile heights



For over a decade, we have worked with artisans throughout the Atlas Mountains who are highly skilled at weaving all the different styles of Moroccan rugs. 

We are passionate about commissioning custom-designed rugs from the artisans. This is the most direct way to support the local weaving tradition in rural Morocco and to foster the economic development of the women weavers.

About Kantara's work with artisans
Berber women carpet weavers