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Kantara Rug Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gorgeous carpet
Thanks Joni! I'm glad you like this rug -- it's a real gem and I loved collaborating with Claudia Pearson on this one to breathe life into her paintings! x, Alia
Gorgeous pillows
Thanks for being such a long-time supporter, Hunter! I love that you have various rugs and pillows from Kantara throughout your home, bringing you and your fam lots of comfort and joy :) x, Alia
Very pleased with my purchase.
Hi Rod, It was a pleasure to meet you and lovely chatting about Morocco and rugs. I'm glad you found a good place in your home for this little rug! all my best, Alia
Such A Treat !
Hi Robin, I'm so glad you got a chance to listen in on the Smithsonian lecture! I love the runner that you nabbed -- it's a great example of how a traditional rug style mixes with new design and I love that it's made with turmeric, madder root, and other natural dyes! All my best, Alia
Exceptional Experience
Salvatore, I'm so glad you were able to tune into the Smithsonian lecture and that this rug arrived with such serendipitous timing! All my best, Alia
Amazing rug!
Francisca, So glad the rug was a hit -- that was the star of the new collection! Looking forward to working with you again in the future :) Alia
Almost as good as buying in person!
Brenda, I loved seeing all of the rugs that you picked up along your travels-- each one had such a special story attached to it, so thank you for sharing! All my best, Alia
Beautiful rug with distinctive details
Cat, That makes me so happy! I love that the rug holds up with Zoom meetings in the age of Covid... And, YES, 100%-- the colorful green/teal details in the fringe are one of my favorite features of this particular rug! Enjoy :) x, Alia
Wonderful Rug
Rob and Carolyn, Thank you for being such loyal Kantara customers, but most importantly, thank you for sharing in my curiosity, enthusiasm, and awe for these rugs! I love that all of these unique works of art have found a special place in your home. I hope you enjoy these treasures of Moroccan rugs for many years to come! Alia
Rug review
Theresa, This Moroccan rug is such a work of art and wherever you place it -- on the wall or on the floor -- will undoubtedly radiate its beauty and showcase its one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. x, Alia
K-Sue, Thanks for your review and I'm so glad this rug has found a home with you and brings you such joy :) x, Alia
Emily, I'm so excited to hear that this rug has found a special place in your living room. I hope you get many more years of enjoyment out of it. And in the short term, I hope the patterns in this Kharita 'map' rug inspire you to explore far and wide on your upcoming trip to Morocco! x, Alia
Sari, I'm so glad to hear the rug worked out and the rug pads are everything you hoped them to be. This is especially true as we are all adjusting to this new quarantine life in lockdown and it makes me happy to think that this rug adds a little extra color and coziness to your home! Alia