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How to hang a Moroccan rug in your Home

July 11, 2022

Moroccan rugs are really versatile pieces. A less conventional way to display them is to hang them on a wall. This practice is common both in Morocco and around the world. With rugs this expressive and detailed, why not? 

The good news is, it is possible to hang rugs in a way that is both long lasting and won't cause damage to your wall. This is our tried and tested method for hanging Moroccan rugs. 

Kharita style Moroccan rug hung on wall
Colorful red Moroccan flatweave kilim hung above bed

A little background on this method- when I was getting ready for our first Untangling Threads show, I had the head conservationist at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Robin Hanson, walk me through the science and technology of hanging textiles for display in the most sustainable and appropriate ways.She gave me a backstage tour of the conservation facility and then walked me through the floor of the museum, pulling textiles off the wall (having the alarms go off!) just to show me the different methods. She said the best one is one that involves Velcro. it's a multistep process:

1. Sew the soft side of 1 inch Velcro to a Muslin strip that is slightly wider than the Velcro (2"). There should be one sew line on the top of the velcro one on the bottom and then a line that zig zags over the Velcro attaching it securely to the muslin strip. With this in mind, you actually have more leeway in the size of the rug that you place in your living room. In most homes, with a standard-sized couch, a 5' x 8' rug or 6' x 9' rug would be sufficient to fill up the space nicely.

2. Take that strip of muslin+Velcro and hand sew it to the back of the carpet you want to hang. With lighter carpets especially, this does not need to span the whole length of the carpet you want to hang but you could have several six inch strips of this muslin+Velcro along the top length of the carpet you want to hang.

3. With a staple gun, attach the hook side of the Velcro to scrap pieces of wood like 2x4s. drill these pieces of wood into the wall where you want your rug to hang. attach the two sides of the velcro for a nicely hanging rug.

Red Moroccan flatweave rug hung with velcro

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These methods were used at our suggestion at an exhibit of rugs at the Baert Gallery in LA. This show featured the work of two artists, Allegra Hicks and Paolo Colombo who are known for their work being replicated in other mediums. They both commissioned rugs to be made from their artwork and the results are absolutely stunning! Click the buttons below to learn more about both exhibits:

Velcro used to hang a rug

This method has been proven to work in commercial, residential, and gallery settings. If you have any questions about hanging rugs, or our collection in general, don't hesitate to reach out! 

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