Kantara's Spring 2021 Collection of Moroccan Rugs

April 18, 2021

The spring 2021 collection of Moroccan rugs is almost here! There are so many great pieces in this collection, lots of funky patterns and bright colors that really embody the exciting springtime energy that’s in the air!

The highlights of this collection are the colorful Boujaad rugs with modern, abstract patterns. These are great statement pieces to center an entire space around! We also brought in a few vintage checkerboard rugs -- these are timeless rug styles that can work in many different types of homes.

For a little taste of what’s to come, here are (some) of our favorite rugs from the spring 2021 collection…

Spring 2021 rugs - Coming Soon

All of these new Moroccan rugs will be listed on the website as soon as possible, but if there's something that has caught your eye, feel free to get in touch with me!

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A modern Boujaad that evokes the image of a sunset over water:

Starting our list off strong is a one-of-a-kind Boujaad rug that features details in rare shades of seafoam green and orange. The unique style of this piece perfectly embodies 2 main attributes of the rugs in this collection- vibrant, springtime colors and sculptural patterns!

#495 • 6' 6" x 9' 3"

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Art deco Moroccan area rug

A brightly colored piece with an abstract pattern and diamond motifs:

Another handknotted Boujaad, this pink and purple rug most notably features a pattern of diamond motifs on top of abstract blocks of color. The successful blend of traditional and contemporary Moroccan styles on this rug is a testament to the art of modern weaving! 

#497 • 6' 6" x 9' 5"

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Large Moroccan rug with checkerboard pattern

One-of-a-kind multi patterned beauty:

Speaking of impressive weaving, this bold & eclectic piece is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! Notice the small lines and details that bleed from one pattern into the next; this stylistic choice is what allows such a busy design to fit together in harmony. 

#502 • 5' 5" x 8' 6"

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White Beni Ourain area rug

Another abstract Boujaad in a rare shade of green:

This mint and seafoam green rug gives off such a fun, retro energy! I love how the vertical white border frames the main sculptural pattern, giving a little bit of directionality to the otherwise abstract design. 

#503 • 5' 5" x 6' 6"

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Colorful Moroccan diamond rug

A large area rug with deep, beautiful colors

Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous area rug with a color palette featuring hues of dusty rose pink, burnt orange, seafoam green, and peach. The abstract motifs that make up the pattern come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This variety adds more depth and dimension to the rug's overall design, giving it a great modern art deco style! 

#508 • 6' 7" x 9' 9"

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Vintage Moroccan area rug

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