Our favorite Azilal Moroccan rugs of the Spring 2021 collection

June 20, 2021

We have a new shipment of Moroccan rugs that just touched down! These beauties hail from the Atlas mountains, specifically from the Azilal province. Some distinctive features of Azilal style rugs include single-knotted lines that allow weavers to produce intricate details and patterns that make these rugs truly unique. 

Some of these pieces are more traditional, using natural wool and neutral colors to create woven masterpieces that reflect the history of this style of rug weaving. Others are more experimental in terms of color and design, incorporating contemporary styles into the Azilal weaving tradition.

It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 pieces, but here are some of our favorite Moroccan Azilal rugs from the spring 2021 collection! 

Spring 2021 Azilal rugs - Coming Soon

All of these Azilal style Moroccan rugs will be listed on the website as soon as possible, but in the meantime, if there's something that has caught your eye, feel free to get in touch with me!

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A classic Moroccan Azilal rug with a rare color scheme

A timeless piece, this vintage Azilal rug features a classic diamond pattern and geometric motifs. What makes this creation so special is its unique coloring– shades of dark red, mustard yellow, and light gray decorate the rug in a way that elevates the overall design to a whole new level!

#537 • 6' 6" x 9' 3"

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Art deco Moroccan area rug

A woven masterpiece with a story to tell

At first glance, someone who is initially drawn to this rug for its aesthetic beauty might only notice the colorful design and a geometric pattern. Take it from us, there is more than meets the eye with this wonderful piece! The beauty lies within the historical and cultural significance hidden behind the symbols decorating the rug. Alongside classic diamond motifs is the Azoul symbol, which is the letter Z in the Tifinagh alphabet.

Tifinagh was created in the early 2000s as a way to transcribe and immortalize the Amazigh languages spoken throughout the country by Morocco’s indigineous population. In addition to being a letter in the Tifinagh alphabet, the Azoul symbol has come to represent the identity of the Amazigh people, among whom are the women that wove this rug. This rug emphasizes what makes weaving such a special practice– all over the world, people use this art form to tell stories about themselves, their communities and cultures.

#543 • 6' 6" x 9' 5"

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A one of a kind Moroccan rug with unique line work

This ivory colored Moroccan rug features two main designs– a structured, geometric pattern on bottom, and a design of abstract line work on top. The piece performs a delicate balancing act that really pays off! Dark details pop against the white background, but in simple shades of black, brown, and maroon, the color scheme does not distract from the main feature of this piece, which is of course the unique pattern! This would be a great option to base a custom design rug off of, as it can be reproduced in different sizes or with small changes to the color or design.

#546 • 5' 5" x 8' 6"

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White Beni Ourain area rug

Another classic Azizal rug in neutral colors

This piece embodies some of the classic characteristics of traditional Azilal style rugs– natural white wool with neutral details in shades of brown and black. This creation also embodies one of our favorite characteristics of Moroccan rugs in general– the unique artistry that is woven into every individual rug! With this piece, it’s the slightly distorted lattice pattern that separates the rug into uneven rectangular sections. While still a minimalist design, the subtle asymmetrical aspects of the pattern add a touch of individuality and uniqueness to the rug, making it a truly special piece (this rug would be perfect as custom design inspiration!)

#535 • 5' 5" x 6' 6"

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A colorful throw rug with a funky, abstract design

Last but certainly not least is this white throw rug with colorful details in shades of pink and orange. There’s a lot going on with this piece, from the abstract design, to the funky patterns, to the wonderfully bright color scheme! These aspects all work together in harmony, allowing the design to play with shape, form, and space in a really energetic yet not overwhelming way.

#540 • 6' 7" x 9' 9"

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Vintage Moroccan area rug

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