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The Strategist's Gift Guide for New Home-Buyers just dropped

Oct 22, 2020

The Strategist just dropped their Gift Guide for new Home Buyers and I couldn't be more pleased to share the company with so many other brands and tastemakers that I admire!

Our friend Mikael Kennedy of King Kennedy Rugs was interviewed for this Gift Guide and he highlighted one of Kantara's more colorful and lively rugs -- a bold boucherouite rag rug.

According to Mikael, “With Moroccan rugs I look for the wildest colors — you want absolute chaos when it comes to color and pattern in these pieces. A little pop of color like this, even in the most modern designed home, can be nice.”

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The Best Housewarming Gifts,
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King Kennedy, Mikael, and Kantara

It's not everyday that you stumble across a fellow rug dealer. Mikael and I met ten years ago when we were both living in New York. Little did we know that our mutual love of rugs would connect our two business together in many surprising ways over the years to come. 

Mikael deals in antique Persian and Turkish rugs and unique, one-of-a-kind finds for clients. His collection is a curated treasure trove of vintage rugs, aged to perfection. With their rich, yet muted, color palettes and the symmetry of their designs, these rugs will anchor and pull together a room with style and grace.

Over the years, Mikael has acquired several Kantara pieces and I always love seeing them in his home. These colorful Moroccan rugs are a sharp departure from the color palettes of his Persian and Turkish rugs.  Even so, he's easily able to swap Moroccan rugs for Persian textiles and back again.

Thanks to his sense of design and expert touch, Mikael swaps around rugs the way other people swap out their summer linen bedsheets for the warmer flannel sheets. But each time he does it, he breathes new life into the space, centered around a new, exciting rug as the centerpiece.

Mikael is most drawn to the 'confetti rugs' -- the ones that look like a total explosion of color. Some folks may shy away from designing their home space with splashes of color, but not Mikael. We can all learn a lesson from him on this one. At one point, he confessed to me that his home had reached full-on pink status. I'm pretty sure he wasn't mad about it!

I'm also pretty sure it wasn't long until he swapped things around again. This is the way of the rug dealer. There's always an endless supply of beautiful rugs to pull from and try on for size...

I could sit for hours in this living room -- whether it's styled with the wildly colorful Moroccan rugs, or decked out in rugs from Mikael's King Kennedy collection. 

He recently got some new rugs in stock and these are the ones that I'm most obsessed with. Click on individual photos to learn more about each of the rugs or view his entire King Kennedy Rugs collection by clicking the button below.

King Kennedy Rugs - collection of antique and vintage Persian and Turkish rugs
King Kennedy Rugs - collection of antique and vintage Persian and Turkish rugs - Caucasian rug
King Kennedy Rugs collection of antique Persian and Turkish Rugs
King Kennedy collection of antique and vintage Persian and Turkish rugs - Karache rug 1930s in reds

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