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  • How do I choose the best rug pad for my Moroccan rug?
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How do I choose the best rug pad for my Moroccan rug?

So, you've decided on which rug you want and now you're thinking about rug pads. And where do you even begin? I'm going to dive into the world of rug pads over a series of blog posts as there are a lot of issues that must be considered when buying the perfect rug pad. These include:

  • Can rug pads damage my hardwood floors?
YES. It's important to choose the right material for your rug pad. Read more about it here.
    • What are the benefits of rug pads?
    There are SO many benefits, but a good rug pad will not only keep your rug from slipping, but it will also add cushioning, and preserve your rug for the long haul. Read more about the benefits here.
      • What materials should an ideal rug pad be made of? 
      This is a good question, but even better is, what rug pad materials should you avoid at all cost? Read more here. 

        The TL;DR version of this is that if you're going to buy rug pads, here are my top three picks:

        Mohawk Home Dual Surface Rug Pad


        Why you should buy this rug pad:
        With felt on one side and rubber on the other, this 1/4" rug pad provides ample cushioning and also helps secure the rug to the floor for maximum grip. These rug pads come in a variety of different sizes and are also easy to trim to the desired size.



        Why you should buy this rug pad:
        This rug pad is thicker than most of the ones that focus mostly on grip quality. In addition, it's made with eco-friendly materials which makes it a great choice for folks who are looking for environmentally sustainable options.This pad should be trimmed down to size and once in place will help keep rugs in place in high-traffic areas, with small children, and with pets. This pad should be avoided on laminate or concrete surfaces.



        Why you should buy this rug pad:
        This rug pad is made with all natural rubber which is great, as it avoids the harmful PVC chemicals that can damage your hardwood floors in the long term. With super compact construction, this rug pad is able to add a level of cushioning with a thinner profile. This is important for low-clearance areas where doors open over the rug. As most rug pads go, this one can be trimmed to size. It comes in a roll, which is also helpful in that you don't have to flatten out any pesky folds. 


        • Alia Kate
        • Other products

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