Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs

The complete Kantara Moroccan rug collection. We carry a diverse array of rugs that range from traditional pieces to contemporary creations. Amongst the wonderful assortment of sizes, styles, and tribal designs, exists the perfect rug for any space or home. 

large white Beni Ourain available to custom order to exact size and design needs from Kantara Rugs in Los Angeles

Moroccan Rugs for Custom Order

Most of these rugs are no longer part of our collection but represent beloved designs from the different artisan cooperatives that we work with throughout Morocco. All of the designs in this collection are available to custom order to the size of your preference. We can also make color changes to fit your specific design requirements.
Rare pink Moroccan flatweave rug with animal motifs

Moroccan Rugs for Kids

Playful and whimsical, these Moroccan rugs feature colorful designs and repetitive patterns that make them the perfect addition to any child's bedroom.
vintage black and white oversized moroccan rug with abstract graphic design

Moroccan Rugs for Large Living Rooms

Large and oversized Moroccan rugs are the best option for large living rooms. If your ceilings are tall, you have a lot of open space, or an open floor plan, the rugs in this collection represent some of the best options for your space. If you don't see anything in here that fits your fancy, consider custom ordering a rug to fit your exact size needs.
traditional tribal berber rug in shades of orange and blue ait ouaouzguite rug

Moroccan Rugs for Small Living Rooms

Small living rooms needs smaller rugs. This helps ensure that the rug has enough room to breathe in the space. These rugs are from the large and medium-sized rug collections and they represent the best options for smaller living rooms.
bright blue and orange moroccan boucherouite throw rug

Moroccan Rugs for the Bathroom

These rugs are perfect for bathrooms. They're either low-pile, flatweave, or boucherouite rag rugs. The boucherouites are almost always made of cotton, which makes them ideal for a bathroom setting. We recommend using a rug pad with these rugs as it'll keep the rugs sufficiently aerated in the bathroom.
green and blue beni mrirt oversized rug in Kantara's los angeles collection of modern Moroccan rugs

Moroccan Rugs for the Bedroom

This collection includes all of the Moroccan rugs that offer full coverage under a queen-sized bed, and in some cases, king-sized beds. These rugs are wide enough that the rug will peak out on both sides of the bed and also at the foot of the bed. These rugs should be at least 6.5' wide by 9' to 11'. We recommend you use a flatweave or a low pile Morocco rug for under your bed.
black and white alternating bands on large flatweave Moroccan rug in white, grey, and black, embellished by embroidered designs

Moroccan Rugs for the Dining Room

Most dining room rugs should be at least 6.5' wide. This allows the chair to sit comfortably on the rug in a variety of positions. For ease of cleaning, we recommend using either a flatweave rug or a low-pile rug. If you're looking to custom order your dining room rug, the sky is the limit. Styles that we keep in stock for dining rooms include Zanafi and Kharita rugs from the south of Morocco, or the Tifelt rugs from the north.
vintage low pile moroccan rug with orange border and geometric designs with three diamonds that form the central medallion

Moroccan Rugs for the Entry Way

These rugs should make a statement. They're the first thing people see when they come into your home. Low pile or flatweave rugs work well if this is a high traffic area. This is a great place to put medium sized rugs and rugs that are wide runners.
Red, maroon, green, and pink vintage 5x7 Moroccan rug in kantara's los angeles collection

Moroccan Rugs for the Foot of the Bed

These rugs are the right size to place at the foot of the bed. It's best to find a rug that is at least 6' long for queen-sized beds, and longer for king-sized beds. You may place the bottom two feet of the bed on top of the rug to anchor it in place. We also recommend using a rug pad to give it a little extra cushion and to keep it from moving about.
faded purple Moroccan runner with soft low pile and abstract shapes and designs

Moroccan Rugs for the Hallway

Here are some Moroccan runners for your hallway. In general, the runners start at 2' 6" in width, although we keep narrow runners in stock for those with tiny hallways. For runners wider than 3', take a look at the collection for Entry Way Moroccan Rugs.
Moroccan small boucherouite rag rug made with upcycled colorful cotton fiber in Kantara Los Angeles showroom

Moroccan Rugs for the Kitchen

A good kitchen rug should be forgiving of spills and stains, easy to clean, and offer you extra cushioning under foot while you're cooking. The rugs in this collection offer you a sample of all of these things. The boucherouite rag rugs and flatweave kilims are always easier to clean. We recommend using a rug pad with these rugs to help keep them anchored in place.
blue, red, yellow bold designs on large low pile moroccan rug designed for a nursery

Moroccan Rugs for the Nursery

You want these rugs to be cozy because chances are, you're going to be spending a lot of the time sitting, laying, and crawling all over it. You also want the rug to be forgiving of spills and stains. These are our selects of rugs that are either easy to clean, like the Boucherouites, fun and exciting like the Nzerbi rugs, or just too cozy to pass on, like some of the pile rugs.
small moroccan vintage glaoui rug for wall hanging

Moroccan Rugs for Wall Hangings

These rugs can either be placed on the ground or you can hang them on your wall! It is common to find Moroccan rugs decorating the walls of homes and riads in Morocco -- and why not? They're beautiful pieces of artwork. If you're interested in hanging rugs but don't know where to begin, we invite you to check out the post about hanging rugs in our Rug Journal.
Classic white Moroccan trellis rug

Neutral Moroccan Rugs

Featured in a variety of colors and shades, these neutral rugs are deeply beautiful with their intricate patterns and textures. All created with a unique design style, these neutral rugs are the perfect finishing touch for your home.
Rare colorblock Moroccan berber carpet

Newest Moroccan Rugs

Browse our newest arrivals of unique and artistic Moroccan rugs to find the piece you've been looking for. Ranging in style and design, these one of a kind rugs will make a statement in your home!
kelly green Moroccan rug with two abstract forms in cotton candy pink and yellow

One of a Kind Rugs

Within this collection of unique art pieces, there are a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. The artists who made these one of a kind creations experiment with traditional and contemporary styles, resulting in brilliant, eclectic rugs that will make a statement in your home.
Orange and red handknotted Moroccan diamond rug

Orange Moroccan Rugs

Vibrant orange rugs, brimming with energy, and full of life. These colors are on full display in Amazigh desert rugs! Most of these pieces are available for custom order in a different size or as an exact replica of something that's out of stock.