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Rare pink Moroccan flatweave rug with animal motifs

Moroccan Rugs for Kids

Playful and whimsical, these Moroccan rugs feature colorful designs and repetitive patterns that make them the perfect addition to any child's bedroom.
Classic white Moroccan trellis rug

Neutral Moroccan Rugs

Featured in a variety of colors and shades, these neutral rugs are deeply beautiful with their intricate patterns and textures. All created with a unique design style, these neutral rugs are the perfect finishing touch for your home.
Rare colorblock Moroccan berber carpet

Newest Moroccan Rugs

Browse our newest arrivals of unique and artistic Moroccan rugs to find the piece you've been looking for. Ranging in style and design, these one of a kind rugs will make a statement in your home!
One of a Kind Rugs

One of a Kind Rugs

Within this collection of unique art pieces, there are a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. The artists who made these one of a kind creations experiment with traditional and contemporary styles, resulting in brilliant, eclectic rugs that will make a statement in your home.
Orange and red handknotted Moroccan diamond rug

Orange Moroccan Rugs

Vibrant orange rugs, brimming with energy, and full of life. These colors are on full display in Amazigh desert rugs! Most of these pieces are available for custom order in a different size or as an exact replica of something that's out of stock.
Cream colored oversized abstract Moroccan trellis rug

Oversized Moroccan Rugs

Introducing our newest collection: Oversized Moroccan Rugs! These rugs are perfect for larger bedrooms, living rooms, and rooms with tall ceilings and a lot of space. Our Oversized rugs are all 8' x 10' and larger. Other common rug sizes in this collection include 9' x 12' and 10' x 13' rugs. For even larger rugs or rugs of a specific size, reach out to inquire about the custom order process. 
Pink vintage Moroccan diamond rug

Pink Moroccan Rugs

Pink Moroccan rugs. Sometimes they pop like neon. Sometimes they're more subdued. From flatweave kilims to plush pile rugs, there is the perfect pink Moroccan rug here for you! If you see something you like that's sold out, or that you want in a different size, feel free to reach out about custom design options.
Vintage purple Moroccan rug with tribal motifs

Purple Moroccan Rugs

From lavender to violet, these purple Moroccan rugs have intricate patterns that highlight their gorgeous colors and unique styles! Most of these rugs are available to be custom ordered either as exact replicas or with variations, just reach out and ask for more information.
Art deco purple and pink Moroccan diamond rug

Purple, Pink, and Red Moroccan Rugs

This collection features pink, purple, and red Moroccan rugs. The reds range from sharp Vermillion to a deeper maroons; the pinks range from hot pink to peachy salmons; the purples from a rich royal purple to faded lavender. These rugs ground the space and look best on top of hardwood floors.
Vintage red Moroccan rug with black and white details

Red Moroccan Rugs

Morocco's iconic red rugs. Everything from lively shades of vermillion red rugs to handsome crimson rugs. Most of these rugs are available to be custom ordered in different sizes or as exact replicas if sold out, so don't hesitate to reach out for more information!
Cream colored Moroccan diamond runner rug


Each rug in this collection is elegantly crafted and intricately designed. Featuring runners of all sizes and lengths, styles and designs, there is a runner for your space included here. 
Sale Rugs

Sale Rugs

We're letting go of these one of a kind beauties from anywhere between 20% - 50% off their list price. Transform your space with one of these authentic, handwoven, Moroccan rugs at an affordable price.
Tribal Moroccan rug with details in red, blue, and mustard yellow

Spring 2020 Rugs

The spring 2020 collection features a wide range of styles and designs, from throw rugs to area rugs, and everything in between. With their intricate patterns and beautiful textures, these unique pieces are sure to complete your home.
Mint green art deco Moroccan Boujaad rug

Spring 2021 Rugs

The Spring 2021 collection of Moroccan Rugs includes some of our most rare finds to date! From contemporary flatweave kilims to vintage handknotted Boujaads, every piece in this collection tells its own unique story.
Cobalt blue Beni Mrirt style Moroccan area rug

Spring 2022 Rugs

The Spring 2022 collection of Moroccan rugs has landed! This collection features a wide range of pieces in different sizes from throw rugs to oversize rugs and everything in between. If you see something you like that's out of stock, be sure to reach out about custom design options in a similar style to your exact specifications.
purple and seafoam green abstract moroccan rug with peach, light blue, and black accents

Spring 2023 Moroccan Rugs

These are some of the rugs we picked up on our travels throughout Morocco. They represent a mix of styles, some of the older vintage rugs, a fun assortment of Boucherouite rugs, and some one-of-a-kind rugs and kilims from our artisan partners in the south of Morocco.
White low pile Ourika style Moroccan rug with bright pink details

Summer 2020 Rugs

The Summer 2020 collection of Moroccan rugs features rugs that are classic in their beauty and timeless in their design. These rugs include soft, plush Beni Ourain rugs with their abstract black-and-white designs to the artistic designs of the Azilal rugs with their playful pops of color.
White custom design Moroccan area rug

Summer 2022 Rugs

The Summer 2022 collection of Moroccan Rugs features a wide variety of handmade pieces in a range of styles, colors, and sizes! If you see something you like that's out of stock, be sure to reach out about custom design options in a similar style to your specifications.