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Vintage Moroccan diamond rug

Fiery rugs

These warm colored Moroccan rugs are vibrant and energetic. They are handwoven in fiery hues of orange and yellow and bring life to any space they're placed in.
Colorful Moroccan flatweave kilim rug

Flatweave Kilims

Each flatweave kilim featured in this collection is specially created, ranging in style and tribal design. With their variety of colors and intricate pattern designs, these rugs bring depth and beauty to any space they occupy.
Glaoui style medium sized Moroccan berber carpet

Glaoui Moroccan Rugs

Glaoui style Moroccan rugs come from the High Atlas Ouarzazate region. These special creations are known for combining flatweave and handknotted weaving styles, as well as embroidery! 
Vintage seafoam green Moroccan berber carpet

Green and Blue Moroccan Rugs

Blue Moroccan rugs are classic. They fit into most spaces seamlessly and offer a sense of serenity and calm. They range from deep, royal blue to the more vibrant Yves Klein blue. The green ones are rarer to come across and when we do, they're almost always a treasured find!
Boho chic vintage Moroccan rug in kelly green

Green Moroccan Rugs

Green rugs to anchor your space. Everything from plush forest green rugs to olive green flatweave rugs to mint green vintage rugs. Most of these rugs are available to be ordered as custom design options either as exact replicas or with slight variations– just reach out and ask!
Contemporary Moroccan Beni Ourain rug in charcoal gray

Grey Moroccan Rugs

Transform your living space with one of our beautifully detailed grey Moroccan rugs. Ranging in style and design, these unique rugs made from handwoven wool are sure to impress your guests.
Art deco Boujaad style Moroccan rug

Hand-knotted pile rugs

The deep, luxurious texture of these hand-knotted pile rugs is a mark of the wonderful craftsmanship that goes into making these one of a kind pieces. With a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles, the soft, plush rug you've been looking for is featured in this collection.
Moroccan flatweave kilim area rug in reds, oranges, and yellows

Kharita Moroccan Rugs

In Arabic "Kharita" means map, and true to its name, these flatweave rugs are reminiscent of the landscapes in the Southern desert region of Morocco, where they're woven.
Bohemian Moroccan berber carpet in plum

Medium rugs

Ranging in style, color, and design, these medium sized rugs are ideal for bedrooms and living spaces. From boucherouite rag rugs to  flatweave kilims, each rug in this collection is a one of a kind creation that will bring life to your home.
Bright red Moroccan flatweave kilim from the Middle Atlas mountains

Middle Atlas Moroccan Rugs

Middle Atlas Moroccan rugs are intricate flatweave kilims with symmetrical, geometric patterns. These classic beauties can fit in with a wide variety of interior styles, and are available to be custom ordered in different sizes.
Moroccan boucherouite rag rug made with colorful tufted cotton in traditional Berber rug style

Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs

Moroccan boucherouite rugs, colloquially known as rag rugs, are made from upcycled materials - either strips of cotton or cloth from recycled garments, or colorful tufted cotton. These rugs tend to be lighter than than their woolen counterparts and much easier to clean, making them appealing for homes with small kids and pets.

Moroccan pillows from Kantara's LA showroo

Moroccan Pillows

We teamed up with our artisan partners to bring you these modern and colorful pillows made from Moroccan rugs. They are bold accent pieces that will brighten up your home. Use these pillows to decorate your living room couch, add some flavor to a favorite armchair, or make it the crown jewel in your bedroom.
Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs

The complete Kantara Moroccan rug collection. We carry a diverse array of rugs that range from traditional pieces to contemporary creations. Amongst the wonderful assortment of sizes, styles, and tribal designs, exists the perfect rug for any space or home. 

large white Beni Ourain available to custom order to exact size and design needs from Kantara Rugs in Los Angeles

Moroccan Rugs for Custom Order

Most of these rugs are no longer part of our collection but represent beloved designs from many of the different artisan cooperatives that we work with throughout Morocco. All of the designs in this collection are available to custom order to the size of your preference. Additionally, we can make slight changes with color to fit your specific design requirements.
Rare pink Moroccan flatweave rug with animal motifs

Moroccan Rugs for Kids

Playful and whimsical, these Moroccan rugs feature colorful designs and repetitive patterns that make them the perfect addition to any child's bedroom.
Classic white Moroccan trellis rug

Neutral Moroccan Rugs

Featured in a variety of colors and shades, these neutral rugs are deeply beautiful with their intricate patterns and textures. All created with a unique design style, these neutral rugs are the perfect finishing touch for your home.
Rare colorblock Moroccan berber carpet

Newest Moroccan Rugs

Browse our newest arrivals of unique and artistic Moroccan rugs to find the piece you've been looking for. Ranging in style and design, these one of a kind rugs will make a statement in your home!
Cream colored Moroccan area rug with orange and navy blue details

One of a Kind Rugs

Within this collection of unique art pieces, there are a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. The artists who made these one of a kind creations experiment with traditional and contemporary styles, resulting in brilliant, eclectic rugs that will make a statement in your home.