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Documentary short of ultramarathoner Aziza Raji

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Documentary short of ultramarathoner Aziza Raji

Going into the seventh week of quarantine lockdown amidst this global Coronavirus pandemic, I'm grateful to see those inspiring stories that transport me from my home in Los Angeles to other parts of the world. 

Aziza Raji is an ultramarathoner from the Valley of Roses in Morocco. Located near Ouarzazate, most travelers en route to the desert will pass through this region. I know this region well from my many years of traveling solo through Morocco on buying trips, and now with clients, on Kantara Tours

This short documentary directed by Ryan Goff and Matt Pycroft is a poetic exploration of the life of a young female Moroccan athlete set against a stunning backdrop of the High Atlas mountains. Aziza holds the illustrious designation of having two top-10 finishes in the Marathon des Sables, a six-day race that crosses through the hear of the Moroccan Sahara. I could go on and on, but the film speaks for itself!