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Navy blue Moroccan flatweave kilim with tribal motifs

Akhanif Moroccan Rugs

Akhanif style Moroccan rugs are a special type of flatweave kilims that are known for their intricate details and symmetrical designs.
Contemporary Moroccan checkerboard print rug

All Moroccan Rugs

These are all of the Moroccan rugs currently in stock at Kantara! We offer a wide selection of pieces in a range of different styles, sizes, and colors. From classic, minimalist Beni Ourains to eclectic, art deco Boujaad rugs, the Moroccan rug of your dreams is somewhere in our collection! 

Large purple flat woven Moroccan area rug

Area rugs

These bold and eclectic pieces are ideal for larger spaces and living areas. Ranging in style, texture, and design, these gorgeous creations will make a statement in your home.
Pink and white Moroccan Azilal area rug

Azilal Moroccan Rugs

Black and white Moroccan diamond Beni Ourain style rug

Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs

Beni Ourain rugs are one of the most well known styles of Moroccan rugs. Known for their neutral coloring and elegant, geometric patterns, these versatile pieces will add the perfect finishing touch to your space!
Black Moroccan runner rug with maroon tassels

Black Moroccan Rugs

These unique Moroccan rugs in darker shades of black come in a variety of sizes and designs. Made with special care by talented artisans, these black rugs will bring sophistication and style to your home.
Custom light blue Moroccan rug with inlaid orange details

Blue Moroccan Rugs

It's rare to find deep blue rugs in Morocco but when you do, they're always unique and one of a kind treasures. These ones are no different.
Brown Moroccan flatweave kilim throw rug

Brown Moroccan Rugs

These one of a kind Brown rugs are made from handwoven wool by authentic Moroccan artisans. Styled with detailed patterns that jump out against a subdued base, these brown rugs are the perfect piece for any modern home.
Contemporary orange and black Moroccan rug with checkerboard pattern

Checkered Moroccan Rugs

Checkered Moroccan Rugs are versatile and timeless! These classic beauties can fit into a wide range of homes, from contemporary and minimalist, to bohemian and eclectic‚Äď there is a checkered Moroccan rug here for you!
Colorful red, purple, and orange blocks on Moroccan rug with abstract and geometric design

Colorful Moroccan Rugs

Featured in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and textures, these colorful rugs will add depth and beauty to your home.
Black and white Moroccan flatweave kilim diamond rug

Dark Moroccan Rugs

These rugs are darker in tone -- they range from black Moroccan rugs, to brown rugs to grey rugs. Some of the rugs in this collection are made in the Zanafi weaving style that is popular in the High Atlas of Morocco.
Authentic Kharita style Moroccan berber dining room area rug - Kantara | Moroccan Rug

Eligible for Discount

These Moroccan rugs and pillows are eligible for promotions and discounts.
Brown Moroccan rug with tribal motifs

Fall 2018 Rugs

Colorful and ecclectic, this collection features lively rugs in a variety of styles and sizes. These unique creations will open up your space and transform your home.
Purple and white art deco Moroccan berber carpet

Fall 2019 Rugs

The rugs featured in this collection are deeply beautiful and intricately designed. From flatweave kilims to Boucherouite rag rugs, the one of a kind creations featured here are perfect for any home.
Vintage Moroccan berber carpet with tribal motifs

Fall 2020 Moroccan Rugs

The Fall 2020 collection of Moroccan rugs features a variety of vintage and modern creations in a range of tribal styles and designs. From colorful, art deco rugs, to simple, minimalist Beni Ourains, there is a rug for every home in this eclectic collection.
Zanafi style pink Moroccan flatweave rug

Fall 2021 Moroccan Rugs

We have some incredible pieces featured in the Fall 2021 collection of Moroccan rugs! Some highlights include custom made flatweave kilims and one-of-a-kind contemporary handwoven rugs. If you see something you like that is sold out, feel free to reach out about custom design options in a similar style!
Vintage Moroccan diamond rug

Fiery rugs

These warm colored Moroccan rugs are vibrant and energetic. They are handwoven in fiery hues of orange and yellow and bring life to any space they're placed in.
Colorful Moroccan flatweave kilim rug

Flatweave Kilims

Each flatweave kilim featured in this collection is specially created, ranging in style and tribal design. With their variety of colors and intricate pattern designs, these rugs bring depth and beauty to any space they occupy.
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