BOUCHRA - Abstract Bohemian Moroccan area rug



BOUCHRA - Abstract Bohemian Moroccan area rug


Overview and Dimensions:

Colorful vintage pile wool rug in shades of pinks and purples.

  • Estimated Age: Vintage
  • Length: 8'
  • Width: 5' 10"
  • Material: 100% handwoven wool
  • Colors: Pinks and purples with designs in blacks, whites, and cream colored wool
  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Type of Moroccan Rug: Area
  • Moroccan Rug Style: Bohemian & eclectic
  • Design: Moroccan
  • Condition: Washed by professional cleaners before shipped to Kantara’s Los Angeles showroom.


Why we love Moroccan Rugs:

Moroccan rugs are heirloom pieces that age incredibly well with time and are embedded with the living histories of the weavers, the symbols of their tribal regions, and the markings of both traditional and modern rug designs.


Each tribal region in Morocco boasts its own weaving style- from the black and white, modern looking Beni Ourain rugs in the north, near Fes, to the colorful and abstract Azilal high pile rugs, to the low pile rugs of the Ait Ouaouzguite region in the Southern desert region of Morocco. While the process of weaving is the same throughout Morocco, the colors, textures, and patterns vary greatly from one region to the next.


Beyond the hand-knotted, thicker pile rugs, the artisans are also skilled at weaving geometric Moroccan kilims, boucherouite rag rugs, or the double-sided handira wedding blankets.


The results are colorful, eclectic, and bohemian rugs that are perfect for any home — from throw rugs to hallway runners to area living room rugs.


A note about Moroccan rug sizes and custom ordering:

The widths of Moroccan rugs are determined by the size of the loom, which is attached to an empty wall in the home or within the weaving cooperative. As a result, the size of the rug is usually determined by the length of the largest wall space. This often constrains vintage Moroccan rugs to widths that are smaller than six feet, or two meters. Length is never an issue, which often results in narrow, yet long, vintage rugs.


That being said, Kantara has worked with weaving cooperatives in Morocco since 2009 and has identified artisans throughout the country that are able to weave any style of Moroccan rug up to 15’ wide and as long as you’d like. For clients looking for specific sizes, we encourage you to inquire about our custom order process as it not only allows you to have a hand in designing your dream rug, but it also supports the economic empowerment of the weavers that we’ve worked with for many years. Lead time for custom rugs is usually 8-10 weeks.


How to care for your handwoven Moroccan rug:

If weather permits, do as they do in Morocco and hang your rug out in the sun to bake for a few hours, shaking out the dust and dirt before bringing it back into your home. You may vacuum your rug on both the top and bottom side of the rug, at least once a month. We recommend using the suction attachment, avoiding the rotating bristle brush, which may damage the rug’s delicate fibers.


For small stains, first spot clean your rug using paper towels and water at room temperature. Avoid using commercial products like shampoos or rug cleaners. As most of these rugs are made from wool, never wash the rugs in a washer/dryer. If the rug needs a deep cleaning, let the experts handle it. They will charge a set price per square foot and often offer discounts if you drop off and pick up in person. We have rug cleaning partners that we’ve worked with in both New York City and Los Angeles, so reach out if you would like a recommendation.


Rugs will fade over time in direct sunlight, so every few months, rotate your Moroccan rug to ensure even wear and tear. With high pile rugs, shedding is natural, the result of the loosening of fibers that were created while weaving. This will diminish over time.