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One of a Kind Rugs

One of a Kind Rugs

Within this collection of unique art pieces, there are a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. The artists who made these one of a kind creations experiment with traditional and contemporary styles, resulting in brilliant, eclectic rugs that will make a statement in your home.
Tribal kilim red Moroccan rug - Kantara | Moroccan Rugs

Orange Moroccan Rugs

Vibrant orange rugs, brimming with energy, and full of life. These colors are on full display in Amazigh desert rugs.
Authentic short pile Moroccan rug - Kantara | Moroccan Rugs

Pink Moroccan Rugs

Pink Moroccan rugs. Sometimes they pop like neon. Sometimes they're more subdued.
Bohemian vintage purple and black rug - Kantara | Moroccan Rugs

Purple Moroccan Rugs

From lavender to violet, these purple Moroccan rugs have intricate patterns that highlight their gorgeous colors and unique styles.
Bohemian vintage pink berber carpet - Kantara | Moroccan Rugs

Red Moroccan Rugs

Morocco's iconic red rugs. Everything from lively shades of vermillion red rugs to handsome crimson rugs.
Moroccan runners from Kantara's LA showroom featuring the best of Berber rugs with bohemian design and bold design


Each rug in this collection is elegantly crafted and intricately designed. Featuring runners of all sizes and lengths, styles and designs, there is a runner for your space included here. 
Sale Rugs

Sale Rugs

We're letting go of these one of a kind beauties from anywhere between 20% - 50% off their list price. Transform your space with one of these authentic, handwoven, Moroccan rugs at an affordable price.
Kantara's Spring 2020 collection of Moroccan rugs from women's weaving cooperatives in Taznakht region and one-of-a-kind vintage Moroccan rugs

Spring 2020 Rugs

The spring 2020 collection features a wide range of styles and designs, from throw rugs to area rugs, and everything in between. With their intricate patterns and beautiful textures, these unique pieces are sure to complete your home.
Summer 2020 Moroccan Rugs

Summer 2020 Moroccan Rugs

The Summer 2020 collection of Moroccan rugs features rugs that are classic in their beauty and timeless in their design. These rugs include soft, plush Beni Ourain rugs with their abstract black-and-white designs to the artistic designs of the Azilal rugs with their playful pops of color.
Moroccan throw rugs from Kantara's LA showroom featuring the best of Berber rugs with bohemian design and bold design

Throw rugs

These smaller pieces add a pop of life and beauty to a space. We offer throw rugs in a wide variety of styles and designs, with creations that can fit seamlessly into any room in your home.
Vintage Moroccan rugs from Kantara's LA showroom featuring the best of Berber rugs with bohemian design and bold design

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

These vintage Moroccan rugs are created in traditional tribal styles, and are handwoven by artisans practicing centuries old weaving techniques. The beauty of these pieces comes from the delicate practice that went into making them. 

Large white berber carpet with geometric pattern design - Kantara | Moroccan Rugs

White Moroccan Rugs

From flatweave kilims to plush boucherouite rag rugs, the white Moroccan rugs featured in this collection will complete your home with a touch of style and grace.

Yellow Moroccan Rugs

Light colored Moroccan rugs to transform your space. These ones are rare to find.