About Kantara's Fair Trade Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Women

Kantara is a fair trade design business specializing in handwoven rugs and textiles from women’s weaving cooperatives in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. 

Kantara, meaning "bridge" in Arabic, is deeply rooted in its commitment to fair and ethical trade.  
Since 2008, we have worked directly with the same weaving cooperatives in rural Morocco. Thanks to our longstanding relationship with these highly skilled Moroccan artisans, we are able to curate and design rugs and pillows that both preserve the ancient weaving traditions and add a modern touch.

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About Alia Kate, Kantara Founder

Kantara beginnings

Alia Kate founded Kantara after falling in love with the art, design, and the individual women's stories that were woven into each of these unique Moroccan carpets.
While living in Morocco in 2006, she became thoroughly inspired by the tenacity of the women weavers and by their commitment to a craft that goes back generations and generations. She started Kantara shortly after as a way to work directly with these artisans and support their economic development.
Alia has cultivated a career that revolves around social innovation, community development, and experiential education. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she is a Coro Lead LA fellow and is a board member for the LA based arts nonprofit, Fulcrum Arts.
Moroccan Rugs