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Omar Chenafi Photograph

This photograph, taken by Fes’s Omar Chennafi will be in the art auction that will take place opening night at the 2nd annual Moroccan Film Festival in New York.

Originally, the date of the festival, to be held at Tribeca Cinemas, was slated for the end of the month however the event has been postponed and the new dates for the festival are November 18th and 19th. So save the date, and see you there!

Presentation - High Atlas Foundation

At yesterday's presentation for the High Atlas Foundation, I spoke about how the variety of languages and alphabets in Morocco may play a role in the low literacy rates in rural areas. Overall, in Morocco 65.7% of men and 39.6% are literate, defined as those who are older than 15 that know how to read and write. While these figures are not high to begin with, they are considerably lower in rural areas.

Given the multitude of languages in Morocco, it is no wonder that literacy has been momentarily kept at bay. These low literacy rates in rural areas fly in the face of all the recent efforts that have been put forth by non-formal education and literacy projects aimed mostly at rural women.

Presentation - Cleveland Museum of Art

I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting at the Cleveland Art Museum this coming Wednesday, February 3rd at 1:30.

The title of the talk will be "Moroccan Rugs; Interwoven Histories." We'll analyze different styles of Moroccan rugs, the artisans that make these functional pieces of artwork, and the socio-political situation that exists in this complex society.


Today we are celebrating the launch of Kantara, a belated International Day of Rural Women, and the first round of grant recipients for the Kantara Education Fund.

To mark this special event which will be held at Zerza Restaurant in the East Village from 5pm to 7pm today, we will also be raffling off a pile carpet from the Anzal Cooperative of weavers. This Red Igran Pile throw stands out because it is made completely with hand-carded, -spun, and -dyed wool.