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Moroccan movies

Top of my list for Moroccan movies is  W.W.W (What a Wonderful World) by Faouzi Bensaidi. The cinemotography was outstanding as it starkly captured the life of urban Casaoui.

Other movies worth mentioning are:

1. Marock, by Laïla Marrakchi: This movie turned a lot of heads when it was released in 2005 as it was about a Casaoui high school senior falling in love with her Jewish classmate. Glittery and at times glam, at first Marock felt like a modern-day romcom. On second glance, I realized how sutbly the film called into complicated questions about issues such as class and religion, ultimately underlying identity tensions felt within urban upperclass circle.

2. Indigenes, by Rachid Bouchareb: Featuring Moroccan comedian Jamel Debouzze in an uncharacteristically serious role, this film is about a contingent of Moroccan and Algerian men who enlist in the French army during WWII to fight the Nazi forces. Despite their back-breaking work and valiant war efforts, these North Africans quickly realize that they must also fight discrimination much closer to home, among their own ranks.

3. Hideous Kinky, by Gillies MacKennon: This British movie, starring Kate Winslet as the single mother of two adorable little girls, follows Kate as she escapes to Morocco, family in tow, on an exploratory journey chasing after Sufi wisdom. Set in 1960's Marrakech, this film offers an invaluable glance at what Marrakech's large central plaza, the Jama'a el F'na looked like back in the day.

And you can't forget about Ali Zaoua (film about street kids in Morocco) and Le Grand Voyage (a Moroccan-French teenager and his elderly father road trip from southern France to Mecca to complete the Muslim pilgrimage).

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